As if coral couldn’t be enjoying more of a moment in beauty and fashion this spring and summer, Bulgari has recently introduced new Omnia Coral Eau de Toilette.  Taking it’s inspiration as the “essence of colored gemstones”-coral- this fragrance is radiant and colorful.  Read on for more…

One of the things that I love about the Omnia Coral fragrance is that it plays with your senses on different levels.  There is the influence of the Meditteranean with the fresh floral and sparkling fruit notes of the fragrance.  Then there is the colorful coral bottle and box, reminding you of the bright coral colors we see in the summer.

The top notes of Bulgari Omnia Coral include Bergamot, Goji berries and Hibiscus.  The middle notes get an aquatic lightness from Water Lily; Pomegranate adds another fruity note.  Cedar and Musk are the base notes that anchor the fragrance.  While it might seem that this is a light, fruity, fragrance, it’s really not.  I find Omnia Coral to be a substantial fragrance–one that will take you from day to night. In my wearing, that top note on my is almost more of a “green” note, but I like that freshness.

Bulgari Omnia Coral Eau de Toilette is available in three sizes:  25ml, 40 ml and 65 ml.  In addition to the Eau de Toilette, a Scintillating Body Lotion and Gentle Body Scrub are available.  You can find this fragrance in department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Sephora.



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