This is going to be a quick Nutrisystem update, as I’m out of town this weekend attending The Makeup Show in Chicago.  It’s been kind of a crazy week–busier than normal.  One of the things that made it so busy is that almost every day this week, I’ve met a friend for lunch.  Read on for more…

One of the reasons that I’ve been successful on Nutrisystem is that I’ve really stayed on the plan with little outside influence.  This week, I had friends from out of town passing through and several other friends just wanting to meet for lunch to catch up.  In a couple of instances I was able to go online and check menus, but not all.  I still ate salads, asked for the most “vinegarette” dressing when I could and hoped for the best.  I still got all my exercise in, but even with that, I was up 5 oz. for the week (making my total weight loss 92.3 lbs).

I’m not too concerned–hopefully all social obligations have been met for the time being and I can get back on schedule–as soon as I get back from Chicago!  If you’d like to lose weight and get healthier on Nutrisystem, or for more information, go to  Take advantage of the summer savings!


Disclosure:  As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me with complementary meals in exchange for my honest thoughts on the Nutrisystem plan.  The opinions expressed in my posts are strictly my own.  No other compensation is being given.



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