Do you wonder if all base coats for nails are the same?  Cutex®,has just introduced a new base coat for nails — Baseworx Smoothing & Strengthening Base Coat.  Cutex’s Baseworx is the first nail polish base coat formula incorporating bio-ceramic technology for longer lasting manicures.  Read on for more…

Baseworx uses a very fine powder that bonds significantly to proteins, such as keratin in nails.  The bio-ceramic powder improves the bond between nail polish and the nail, as it adheres to the keratin, resulting in longer lasting manicures. Baseworx is effective as a base coat, but you can also apply it to nails without an additional polish coat, for a clean, natural, shiny look.

I’ve been wearing Cutex Baseworx Smoothing & Strengthening Base Coat for the past couple of weeks under numerous polish changes. My nails are normally weak, soft and split easily.  I’ve noticed that Baseworx protects my nails as it fills in ridges and makes other imperfections less noticeable.  The result is a better, longer-lasting manicure–I’m all for that!  My nails have also not been splitting or breaking as easily.  I can only attribute that to Baseworx, as while testing, I’ve used it exclusively as my top coat.

Cutex Baseworx Smoothing & Strengthening Base Coat is available at HEB and Meijer retailers, as well as for a suggested retail of $7.99.



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