I saw a “tweet” this morning from Nutrisystem that got me thinking: “Take a look at the real reasons you decided to take this journey”.  It made me stop and think; it’s good to reflect where you’ve come from and the effort it took to get to this point.  Read on…

One of the reasons my weight problem had gotten so out of hand was my avoidance of getting on the scale and confronting the issue.  When I think back to where I was in my life when I decided that I had to take control of my weight, I was miserable. You wouldn’t have known it…I was successful in my job, had a good marriage, friends, family. But on the inside, I had never been more depressed or self-loathing about my weight.

When I first started my Nutrisystem journey, we had just come back from a trip to St. Thomas and when I looked at myself in pictures, I was literally in tears.  Who was that person? It was like an out of body experience.

I knew that I needed to make a change for my health and for my self-esteem. When I saw posts from other Nutrisystem bloggers losing weight and doing it on a plan that made sense to me (low glycemic index), I thought that maybe this was something I could do.  And while losing weight was the primary focus, I knew that I had to make the other lifestyle changes, like finding an exercise program I could stick to once and for all. If I didn’t do that, the weight would come right back, like it had every other time.

Today, as I get closer to my goal, I’m grateful for Nutrisystem and am optimistic that I’m doing the work and making the changes that will enable me to successfully transition to a maintenance mode. I’ve lost 1.6 lbs. this week, bringing my total weight loss to 97.4 lbs. (2.6 more to go!).  If you’d like to lose weight and get healthier on Nutrisystem, or for more information, go to www.nutrisystem.com and take advantage of the summer savings.


Disclosure:  As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me with complementary meals in exchange for my honest thoughts on the Nutrisystem plan.  The opinions expressed in my posts are strictly my own.  No other compensation is being given.

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