I hope you had a great holiday week/weekend! I always approach the holidays with a little anxiety, hoping that I’ll be able to stick to my Nutrisystem plan.  In theory, it shouldn’t be hard, but you know how how “theory” goes. Read on for more…

As millions of people do, my husband and I headed to our cottage to celebrate the holiday.  That means plenty of grilling, potato salad and sweet treats like brownies.  The Nutrisystem blog has a helpful post that details how to stay on plan and enjoy the holidays.  For me, pre-planning is key.  I’ve found that to stay on track, I just can’t wing it…that gets me into trouble.

I figured out what food I would need for breakfasts, lunches and dinners and packed accordingly.  And I had plenty of salads and fruit. While there were definitely temptations along the way, overall I got through the holiday without too many problems.

The hardest part for me is not having a scale at our cottage–must remember to buy one and leave it there. Even though most advice is to weigh yourself only weekly, I am one of those people that need to check the scale at least every other day.  Where I fell off the wagon was with my exercise. Normally I’d just plan to walk, but our cottage is pretty deep in the woods.  The last time we were there, we were greeted by a bear on our way in!

This week, I’ve lost .8 lbs., bringing my total weight loss on Nutrisystem to 95.8 lbs.  If you’d like to lose weight and get healthier on Nutrisystem, or for more information, go to www.nutrisystem.com and take advantage of the summer savings.


Disclosure:  As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me with complementary meals in exchange for my honest thoughts on the Nutrisystem plan.  The opinions expressed in my posts are strictly my own.  No other compensation is being given.

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