If you could get skin care customized precisely to your skin’s needs, based on a DNA analysis, would you? I did! Dermagenetics uses cutting-edge DNA analysis to formulate skin care products that address your skin’s specific needs.   Read on…

The typical approach to “customized” skin care is to go to a department store and have your skin analyzed–usually by answering a series of questions. Products are then recommended based on your skin care profile. Results are often subjective or hit and miss. Dermagenetics takes that to another level by using a more science-based approach–skin care based on your DNA!

The thought is that small variations in DNA can have an impact on the health and aging of your skin.  The genes or “SNPs” selected for analysis are chosen based on their reliability and accuracy and are validated by a reputable laboratory that performs the testing. I was sent a DNA test, which involved taking a couple of swabs on the inside of my cheeks and mailing that in for analysis.

My DNA assessment looked at 6 genes that affect the likelihood of my skin developing wrinkles, fine lines, loss of collagen, photo-aging, skin tone and texture, irritations, sensitivity to environmental pollutants and more.  Once Dermagenetics has that information, they determine if the gene is functionally normally, if the gene shows 1 variant, which means function is less than optimal or if the gene is only functioning minimally.

Based on those results, skin care products are formulated to address any needs identified.  If the gene or SNP was identified as functioning normally, no additional ingredients are added.  If there is a need, however, ingredients that address the specific concern are added to the formulation.  In my case, of the six genes analyzed, four came back as functioning optimally (good!) and two came back as needing a slight boost.

The two genes that came back as needing added support were the genes that have to do with inflammation and free radicals. Since I do have sun damage that I’m constantly working on improving, these results didn’t surprise me.  The base products are formulated with antioxidants and then customized as needed.

I was sent the DNA Ultracustom Anti-Aging Skin Care System, which includes the Enhanced Repair Serum, Corrective Eye Gelee, Optimized Day Creme, Nightly Repair Creme and Balancing Cleanser.  I used the products twice daily for 4 weeks.  The products have a luxurious, creamy texture, which I found to be nourishing and soothing.  Each product addresses multiple signs of aging and over the four week period, I really feel my skin responded.  One specific area of concern, my neck, has definitely shown improvement, which makes me very happy.

In terms of pricing, the products can be purchased separately.  In order to get the DNA Assessments ($300) at no charge with your initial order, the first purchase must be $250 or more.  Once your DNA is tested and the formula in the Dermagenetics system, you can reorder products one at a time whenever you need them.

Dermagenetics conducted their own 8 week double-blind, randomized, controlled half-face study to assess the product performance and the results showed that 62% of study participants reported substantial reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 14 days. While it’s subjective, I do know that I saw what I would consider definite improvement in the tone and texture of my skin, particularly the neck, which had been a concern.  It should be noted that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not evaluated the Dermagenetics line or the testing methodology.

You can find more information on Dermagenetics DNA Ultracustom skin care system at www.dermagenetics.com.  While this type of high-tech skin care approach might not be for everyone, I found it really interesting and am glad I had the opportunity to try it.


Disclosure:  Dermagenetics provided a complimentary DNA test and customized skin care system for my use in testing. No other compensation was provided.


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