The new Donna Karan Woman fragrance collection embraces all of a woman’s roles, whatever an individual’s path. It celebrates their vision, generosity, and desire to inspire the world. It reflects beauty, intuition, vulnerability. Donna Karan Woman celebrates the art of being a woman. Read on for more…

I’ve been so curious about this new fragrance offering from Donna Karan.  I’ve worn one of her other fragrances, Cashmere Mist, since it launched year ago (note: this is the only fragrance I’ve EVER been loyal to!). When I first saw the bottle, the dark color reminded me of her first fragrance, Donna Karan for Women.  That fragrance was, to me, a fall fragrance with woody base notes of amber and sandalwood. The gorgeous bottle was designed by her late husband, sculptor Stephan Weiss.

Fast forward to today and the new Donna Karan Woman fragrance.  Perfumer Anne Flipo created the fragrance with Donna Karan, and renowned architect Zaha Hadid designed the smoky-colored, curvaceous bottle.  Just like a woman, the fragrance is a dichotomy of softness and strength, masculine and feminine.

With core notes of Haitian Vetiver and Sandalwood, the top notes of the fragrance include orange flower. When I wear the fragrance, I don’t get much of the top notes, instead more of the Sandalwood and Haitian Vetiver base notes.  On the other hand, the body products seems to bring out more of the creamy notes that I love.  So the best way that for me to enjoy this fragrance was by layering it: starting with the body cleansing lotion ($50), followed by the body lotion ($45) and finally the eau de parfum (two sizes, 1.7 oz. $85 and 3.4 oz. $115). When I wear the fragrance that way, it’s gorgeous.

The Donna Karan Woman Collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you like a fragrance rich in woody notes, you’re going to love Donna Karan Woman.

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