Orlane is a high-end luxury skin care company that specializes in cutting-edge products. One of the newest, the Orlane Anti-Aging Oxygenation System, is an intensive 28-day program that works at the cellular level to increase oxygenation, therefore increasing radiance.  Read on for more…

The Orlane Anti-Aging Oxygenation System contains Soy Peptide along with the B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex, giving skin cells the tools to repair themselves. Soy Peptide acts on Sirtuins, which are protein enzymes that, when stimulated, are thought to increase energy metabolism, extending the life of the cells in our skin.

There are four bottles that make up the Orlane Paris Anti-Aging Oxygenation System. Each bottle contains the precise dose needed for a one-week “treatment.” I was able to try this skin care system and will say that I got almost 2 weeks per bottle (and I thought I was using generously!), using am and pm on clean skin. What I noticed after using this system for about 8 weeks is not that I look “younger”, but I definitely feel that my skin is brighter, has more radiance and is less “saggy” in appearance.  So to me, I would say that’s an improvement.

The 4-bottle Orlane Anti-Aging Oxygenation System retails at $550 and is available at Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com. If your skin is lackluster and you don’t want to go the route of lasers or other aesthetic treatments, this might be something to consider.



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