There are a handful of fragrances that can truly be described as classic, but CHANEL No. 5 is certainly one of them.  Timeless, elegant and with a certain cache, much like it’s creator, Coco Chanel.  Read on for more…

When you read the history of the fragrance and of the woman behind it, CHANEL has a legacy of firsts. For me, CHANEL No. 5 was my first “real” fragrance. I received it as a gift from my Mom and Dad on my 16th birthday. I’ll never forget how grown-up and sophisticated I felt!

And now, CHANEL is opening their archives and is releasing a series of short films on the events and people who influenced the destiny of Coco Chanel and forged the legend.  The first in a series of videos that you’ll be able to follow on the website “Inside CHANEL” ( begins with the legend of CHANEL No. 5, from its genesis to its muses, who have embodied the perfume since it was first created.



I know I’ll be awaiting and watching each “Inside CHANEL” episode. Do you love the images and history of CHANEL No. 5 as much as I do? Share in the comments!



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