Since going off of Nutrisystem a few months ago, I’ve been working hard at maintaining my weight loss. Part of that includes regular workouts, including walking, Zumba and strength/resistance classes with weights. So what happens when you do too much and your muscles are screaming? Read on for more…

Overdoing it with any kind of workout is always a concern and I learned that lesson the hard way with my strength and resistance class. We work with various weights and do a million sets of reps. For the past few weeks, we’ve switched to a different set of exercises and my back and neck are really feeling it. Muscles are tense and painful and no amount of heat or cold was getting the knots out.

Enter the LELO Smart Wand™ all-over body massager. I had been sent the Ivory Deluxe model to preview and initially my thoughts were that it was too big to use. With my neck and upper back muscles so tense and painful from working with the weights, though, I knew the Smart Wand™ all-over body massager was just what I needed and I was right. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy to use and effective it was; not big and clunky at all.

Unlike other wand massagers, the Smart Wand™ is cordless, waterproof, rechargeable and even has touch-sensors. For me, the benefits were that it really helped with relaxing my neck and back muscles and helped increase the circulation so that the tenseness I was feeling went away. Finally! I definitely plan to keep the Smart Wand™ charged up and ready to use for when I overdo it at the gym.

You can find the LELO Smart Wand™ all-over body massager at  What other remedies have you tried when you’ve worked out too much? Let me know in the comments!


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