I used to work for someone who had true corkscrew, rebellious curls. She used to tell me the frustration she had at finding the right hair products to help her tame her mane. I hope she’s discovered the new Paul Mitchell Curls Collection. Read on for my review…

It’s my feeling that even though they’re part of the four-product Curls Collection, the Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo and Full Circle Leave-In Conditioning Treatment are good enough for everyone to use. But if you do have curly-hair, you should definitely take a look at this line. I read a statistic that 70% of curly-haired consumers prefer a sulfate-free shampoo…no doubt they’re aware that sulfates in shampoos contribute to frizziness. I bet that number would go even higher if you’d count non-curlies, too!

The Paul Mitchell Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo lathers up to a rich and gentle lather, while cleaning, detangling and lightly conditioning in one step. It’s ultra-moisturizing and sulfate free and doesn’t rough up the cuticle of the hair, which helps to fight frizz.

The Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-In Treatment can be applied after shampooing. This lightweight conditioner doesn’t weigh hair down while hydrating, detangling and taming frizz.  The Full Circle Leave-In Treatment replenishes thirsty locks and helps protect against damage. Using both of these product have really helped my hair, which a few weeks ago was dehydrated and was frizzing up–so not a good look!

The Paul Mitchell Curls Collection is available now in salons. To find one, use the “Find a Salon” locator  then submit your own “Curls Confession” on the Truth About Curls Facebook app using the hashtag #curlconfession. Have you confessed yet?


FTC Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. Even though I received reimbursement, I would never post on a product or service that I wouldn’t personally use or recommend. Complementary samples were provided for my personal testing.


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