Did you ever get a gorgeous ring, only to not have it fit right? Welcome to my world! I can’t think of anything more frustrating or in some cases, devastating. Read on to hear how BlingGuard BlingWraps were the solution to my problem!

For the last several years I’ve been “reminding” my husband that this year was our 25th Anniversary and that I expected wanted a new diamond wedding ring. One afternoon, totally unplanned, I walked into a local jewelry store and there it was. After bringing my hubby back to the store, he bought me the diamond ring that I had waited so long to get. And of course, he wanted me to wear it out for our 25th Anniversary dinner.

When I tried the setting on in the store, it was huge on me and we measured my ring finger — size 4.5.  I’ve always had small hands, but since losing weight, I’ve had to have most of my rings sized down. When I picked up the ring and was told they had just automatically sized it for me, I was a little hesitant, because I know my fingers tend to swell. Cut to the chase–after trying for 2 weeks, the ring was sized too small.

I sent the ring back for resizing and added “bumps”, but the ring still didn’t fit (too tight). We removed the bumps, then resized it again to a 4 3/4. It fit over my knuckle, but now ring was now too big and rolling on my finger. At this point, my husband was starting to feel bad, the joy of finding my ring gone because of all the sizing drama.

I started to explore other options and there aren’t many. I didn’t want a metal “sizer” put on my ring, because it’s Platinum and I worried about scratching. I tried yarn, I tried silicone caulk–no good. Then I heard about BlingWraps.

The concept is simple. BlingWraps are a plastic strip that you apply right onto your finger. The BlingWrap is slightly thicker at the bottom, so it stops your rings from turning, twisting or slipping off. These wraps can add up to 1+ ring sizes and are easy-to-use, transparent and disposable.

When I first applied the BlingWrap, I didn’t think it would work, because it was too wide on my finger and I couldn’t get the ring “over” the BlingWrap. But…I got creative, trimmed it down and it was perfect. As you can see in the pictures, you can’t even tell I am wearing the BlingWrap, because my ring fits right over it.

BlingWraps retail for $14.99 for a set of 30 strips. They’re not permanent, but they do adhere to your finger really well and I’ll reorder when they’re gone. Someday, maybe I’ll resize my ring (AGAIN), but for right now BlingWraps saved the day. You can find BlingGuard BlingWraps at www.blingguard.com.

Have you ever had problems with your rings not fitting? What did you do? Let me know in the comments!



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