In a little over 5 weeks, the holidays will be here, complete with tons of picture-taking. Is your skin ready? I’ve been using elure™ Advanced Skin Brightening products to lighten skin discolorations and am so excited to share my results with you.  Read on for more…

I have no problems admitting that I’ve been a sun-worshipper from way back. Now, I’m more educated about the harmful effects of the sun, so I use sunscreen daily. But the damage from my younger days has been done. I have hyperpigmentation and sun spots that I’m always working to get under control. A regimen of retinol/retinoids and hydroquinone is one way to go, but I’ve been there, done that and prefer to use something gentler on my skin.

I had read about the elure™ Advanced Skin Brightening products and was really excited to learn more.  elure has won numerous awards from magazines like Allure (Best of Beauty, Best Anti-Ager for Discoloration) and In Style (Best Beauty Buy);  was declared a Beauty Game Changer on the Today Show, and the Biggest Anti-Aging Secret for Dark Spots on the Dr. Oz Show.

elure™  Advanced Skin Brightening is an enzymatic skin whitening treatment that uses a two-part approach to lightening skin discolorations. The first step is a mushroom-derived natural enzyme formulation called Melanozyme™, which suppresses melanin (pigment cells within skin) in a fast and safe manner without side effects. The second step is the application of an Activator.  The product I’ve been using, elure Advanced Brightening Lotion, is in a convenient two-pump bottle, so you go from step 1 to step 2 seamlessly. In addition to the Advanced Brightening Lotion ($150), elure™ Advanced Brightening Night Cream ($150) is available. I chose to use the Lotion based on my combination skin.

For best results, I’ve been starting my treatment with the elure™ Advanced Face Wash ($35), a pre-treatment that prepares your skin. Then, I follow up by applying one to two pumps of the clearly marked “1” side of the elure™ Advanced Brightening Lotion to areas of discoloration; wait 1 minute and then apply an equal amount of the elure Activator. I’ve been doing this in the morning (with daily use of sunscreen) and at nighttime.

I’ve been doing that regimen for the past month (and have used no additional anti-aging products on my skin that might skew results) and while my skin discolorations aren’t completely resolved, I do see progress and plan to continue using the elure™ Advanced Brightening Lotion. I’m optimistic I’ll continue to make progress. And I’ve experienced absolutely zero skin irritation, redness or burning with this product.

It should be stressed that these are stubborn skin conditions, so if you have significant hyperpigmentation, sun damage or melasma, you might not see the same results as I did using elure Advanced Brightening products. But in clinical studies, 82% of people who used elure products twice a day for 28 days showed a significant decrease in their Melanin and 91% of people showed improvement in fairness and skin tone.

elure™Advanced Skin Brightening is a range of topical aesthetic products offered by Syneron Inc., and dispensed only by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical aesthetic specialists. You can fine a doctor of medical spa in your area or find out more about elure at




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