COVERGIRL does it again with a new (and I think the best) addition to their LashBlast Mascara line, Clump Crusher. LashBlast formulas are always a top-rated choice among mascara reviewers and Clump Crusher takes it to a new level. Read on for more…

Clumpy mascara–regardless of the price or brand–is always a dealbreaker. So when I read about Clump Crusher by LashBlast, I was excited to try it. What makes it different? The brush. The R & D team at COVERGIRL actually measured the size of the average mascara clump and designed a brush with bristles that were smaller and closer together. BRILLIANT! In addition, the brush is slightly curved so it hugs the curve of the eye.

While the press material claims more volume and zero clumps after 30 coats of mascara, after using it a few times, I didn’t need to go that far. Below are pictures with 2 and 8 coats of mascara…more than enough for me! I should note that I didn’t take any special care when applying–I pretty much just slapped it on. In real life, I would use an eyelash comb to separate my lashes, regardless of the mascara brand I use. While the mascara looks slightly thick in the first picture, it does even out when I brush the wand through on the next coat.

Clump Crusher is definitely my favorite formula of all the LashBlast Mascaras and one that I will re-buy without hesitation. If you’re someone that like to layer mascaras, this is an excellent formula to add to the mix, because of that brush.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara retails at approximately $6.99 and is available now in drug and discount stores. Have you tried this mascara yet? What did you think?


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