From time to time I’m invited to participate in a program called the Influenster Vox Box. It’s a sampling program that brings together brands and social media influencers. The box that I recently received was themed a “Cosmo” Vox Box. Read on for my thoughts…

This Cosmo Vox Box contained:

  • Forever Red fragrance sample, available exclusively at Bath & Body Works
  • Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape candy bar
  • Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and a Venus & Olay Cartridge
  • Pilot FriXion Pens -(one pink and one black)

For someone like me, you couldn’t get a better box! I hadn’t tried the Forever Red Eau de Parfum yet from Bath & Body Works and found that I really like it. I’d describe it as a fruity floral, with top notes of Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple, a floral heart and base notes that include Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow and Oak Wood.

Another beauty offering was a Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and a Venus & Olay Cartridge. The big news here is that ANY Venus blade refill fits ANY Venus razor handle. That means you can customize the exact blades that you like best. I love that idea and I really do like the Olay Cartridges, which have skin conditioners to lock in moisture and help give you a smooth shave. I’d rebuy those, for sure.

I also loved the other articles in the box. As someone that is very particular about pens, I hadn’t seen the Pilot FriXion Pens on my last Office Max trip, even though I regularly buy the Pilot brand. I like a fine point and these pens have an excellent fine point, plus a very smooth gel ink flow. Plus–they’re erasable. No more doing my schedule in pencil!

And speaking of smooth– the Ghiradelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape bar has a very smooth, rich, milk chocolate taste. It’s so decadent and creamy–this could totally derail my diet!

Keep an eye out for the products that I tested in this Cosmo Vox Box–they’re all winners! You can get more information on the Influenster program at


Disclosure: The Cosmo Vox Box was provided to me at no charge by for my review and honest opinion.
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