Sulwhasoo has recently introduced their limited-edition Shineclassic Compacts in the US and if you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift, this is it! You haven’t heard of Sulwhasso? Let me introduce you to this prestige Korean beauty brand. Read on…

Although Sulwhasoo is not widely known yet in the US, Sulwhasoo is the most famous and premium, luxury cosmetic brand in Korea and in Asia.

Sulwhasoo has been creating the elegant and dignified Shineclassic compact since 2003 to deliver the true essence of Korean aesthetics.  Even the technique behind the creation of each compact follows the integrity of time-honored Korean crafts.

Inspired by Korean symbols of beauty, including the peony and plum blossom flower, Sulwhasoo has created five beautiful limited-edition compacts that symbolize Korean traditional five blessings with their unique artistic design:

Shineclassic Compact ‘Lattice Pattern’  : Health

Shineclassic Compact ‘Ornamental Tile’ : Nobility

Shineclassic Compact ‘Seven Treasure’: Wealth

Shineclassic Compact ‘Plum Blossom’ : Virtue

Shineclassic Compact ‘Floral Pattern’ : Longevity

Blending indigenous medicinal herbs through traditional Korean methods, the Sulwhasoo skincare brand draws on the ancient wisdom of the “Sang-Seng” philosophy to balance the inner energies of the skin that contribute to a nourished, healthy complexion. The feather-light powder in the Shineclassic Compacts is milled with extracts obtained from the Prunes Mume petals, which protects skin from harsh environmental elements, resulting in a smoother, fine complexion.

I received two Shineclassic compacts to preview and they are exquisite; like works of art.  The first is based on a 2008 Plum Blossom Design. On the cover, is an ornate “stained glass” mosaic of traditional Korean prunus mume flowers; the first flower that marks the coming of Spring and a symbol of virtue or integrity.

The second compact is called the Seven Treasure Design Shineclassic Powder Compact, inspired by traditional Korean quilts. Created by uniting colorful pieces of fabric together, quilts convey the belief that endeavors bring good fortune. Each compact comes beautifully presented and boxed. For someone like me that loves a beautiful compact, the Sulwhasoo Shineclassic Compacts are the ultimate.

The Sulwhasoo Shineclassic Compacts retail at $150 each and are available at Neiman Marcus, and Have you used any Sulwhasoo products? Let me know in the comments!


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