No matter what I’ve done this winter–and I’ve done everything–I can’t seem to keep my skin from feeling dry and itchy. So when NIVEA asked me if I was up for taking the Smooth Sensation Challenge, it didn’t take me long to say yes. Read on for more…

Even with drinking a ton of water, running a humidifier in the house plus an extra one in the bedroom, taking quick, tepid showers and moisturizing like crazy, it hasn’t been enough. My elbows, arms and legs have been especially dry and uncomfortable. So for seven days I replaced my usual moisturizer (and body creams!) with NIVEA Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion.

From the first time I applied Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion, my skin felt different. My skin seems to stay hydrated, longer–even my hands. Instead of applying every several hours, I found that wasn’t necessary. I applied Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion in the morning after my shower and before bed (for good measure) and my skin has been really comfortable and moisturized. I’m so impressed! And now my husband wants in on it so that his dry skin can get some help.

How is your skin holding up this winter? If it’s dry like mine was (and who wants to touch that?!) I can highly recommend giving NIVEA Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion a try. You can find get more information by going to the NIVEA Facebook page or reaching out to them on Twitter.


Disclosure:  A press sample was provided by the brand/PR for editorial consideration, product testing and review.
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