In an age when beauty is increasingly about individuality, L’Oréal Paris brings us a fully-customizable online experience with the launch of their new website. And while talking about or recommending websites isn’t something I do often, I thought this one was great enough to tell you about.  Read on for more…

At the heart of is a service that offers tailored product suggestions (My Beauty Picks), fresh editorial content (Beauty Library) and advice from the world’s leading beauty pros (Genius Tools and Consultations).  Think of it as a go-to source for news, inspiration and expertise. I’ve been playing around on the website and have been so impressed. It’s fun, interactive and I’ve gotten some really great tips along the way.

The other thing I like is that the website is usable on any device. So whether I’m in my office using my laptop, in bed reading my iPad or in the drugstore on my smart phone, I can access beauty or product advice. The layout is beautiful and easy to use.  And I’ve found it as appealing as any number of the glossy magazines I get—it’s actually quite addicting. So if you have a chance, check out the new and let me know what you think!

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