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I recently had the opportunity to take the  Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy™ “Strength” Challenge. Since I hadn’t tried this line before, I was ready to see if I would notice a difference in my hair after using the  Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy line for a week. Read on for the results!

As someone who colors her hair and uses an assortment of hot tools daily, I try to be conscious of using all the right products. But even with that, my hair can look dull and lackluster. One of the reasons I was interested to try Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, is that it is formulated with a rich blend of over 10 vitamins and nutrients to nourish the scalp. That’s something I hadn’t really ever thought about before, but it makes sense.

There are formulas available for Total Care, Volumizing, Ultra Shea and more, but I selected the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Damage & Color Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and the new Damage and Color Repair Treatment Mask. The focus of this range is to restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance and the treatment mask repairs visible signs of damage for stronger, more beautiful hair.


Each of the products feels really luxurious and has a nice, light scent to it. In terms of performance, I have to say that I really liked the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy system and I think it shows in my hair, don’t you? Not only does my hair look great and have lots of shine, but my scalp isn’t dry. It feels great! I particularly like the Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask and love that you only need to keep it on for 3 minutes.


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If you’ve never tried Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy™, WalMart is having an in-store event on May 19th, where you can take advantage of demos, coupons and samples. Check to see if there’s one happening in your area!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy. Even though I received compensation, the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Complementary samples were provided for my personal testing.
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