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Big news! As some of you will remember, last year I was a Nutrisystem Nation blogger. I was on the Nutrisystem plan and lost 100 pounds while on it. After I was done, I lost an additional 20 pounds on my own, but using the principles I learned on Nutrisystem. Read on for more…

 Nancy-May 2013

I’m excited to be back as part of the NSNation, although I’m not in a “weight-loss” mode anymore. Now I’m in maintenance, having gone from a size 22/24 to a 12. I’ve learned that it’s easy to slip and easy to gain 5 pounds without even trying. So while Nutrisystem doesn’t have an “official” maintenance plan, I’m going to be incorporating Nutrisystem meals into my daily eating plan and sharing my experience with you.

I’m really excited about this opportunity; first of all, because Nutrisystem is familiar. Navigating maintenance and all the food choices can be scary! And while I was on the Nutrisystem plan, I loved that each meal, snack or dessert (yay!) is portion-controlled. That really helped me lose weight and I think it will help for maintenance, too.

Since I’ve been gone, Nutrisystem has changed much of the food choices available. I’m really looking forward to sampling the new options. The variety of foods and never feeling deprived were key to my success. I’ve learned so much about myself on my weight-loss journey; if you need a refresher, you can read my very first Nutrisystem post. Losing weight is one of the hardest things a person can do—believe me, I’ve tried every diet there is. Nutrisystem has worked for me and changed my life—which is why I’m so happy to talk about it.

If you’re in a diet rut or are thinking about losing weight but haven’t had the motivation or are struggling trying to get that exercise plan started, let me know. Leave me a comment here or give me a shoutout on Twitter or Facebook. I’d love to help! If you’d like to lose weight and get healthier on Nutrisystem, or for more information, go to and take advantage of the summer savings.


Disclosure:  As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem has provided me with complementary meals in exchange for my honest thoughts on the Nutrisystem plan.  The opinions expressed in my posts are entirely my own. No other compensation was received.
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