Phytomer XMF Youth Perfection Cream


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Phytomer XMF Youth Perfection Cream is a lightweight anti-aging cream that can be used year around, but is particularly nice for the summer. What’s really amazing about XMF Youth Perfection Cream is the texture. Read on for more…

Phytomer formulated XMF Youth Perfection Cream with a concentrate of marine biotechnology. “XMF” stands for Extra Marine Filler, a polymerized sugar produced by micro-algae to provide instant lifting, smoothing and firming results. When applied to the skin, you notice that this feels different than other moisturizers or creams. And you can see the effect, as about an hour after applying, your skin looks smoother and more taut. It’s pretty interesting and definitely gives you a little boost of confidence!

So how does it work? XMF acts inside the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, helping add tension to these fibers to help skin become more firm. XMF works in synergy with the seaside plant, Morio Orchid to protect skin against free radicals and glycation to help preserve skin’s youthfulness.  Several lines use orchids or orchid extracts in their formulations as this botanical has protective properties that are appreciated in skin care.

I really like XMF Youth Perfection Cream and love the feel of it on my skin. I haven’t experienced any irritation or breakouts; in fact, it’s very nourishing without being greasy. I am able to see a difference in my skin appearing more smooth with use and am now also using on my neck.

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