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The FOREO LUNA™ is a new, anti-aging and facial cleansing system that doesn’t look like the facial cleansing devices you’ve become accustomed to seeing. The LUNA™ uses T-sonic (or low-frequency) pulsations and is made of silicone, as opposed to a brush-type cleansing device, such as the Clarisonic. Read on for more…

I was offered the opportunity to try the LUNA™ and it really is an interesting device. It looks and feels different from every other brush cleanser I’ve used. The LUNA™ is a two-sided device, with one side being the silicone touch points that massage and cleanse your skin. The silicone “bristles” are really gentle and not aggressive or irritating to skin at all. The other side of the surface of the LUNA is formed into a concentric circle pattern. That side is the anti-aging mode and massages the skin, relaxing dynamic wrinkles and boosting micro-circulation.


The LUNA™ comes in three colors, each for a different skin type. The white model is for ultra-sensitive skin, the pink is for sensitive/normal skin and the blue that I’ve been testing is for combination skin. I love the recognition that different skin types require different types of cleansing. In the unit I’ve been using for combination skin, there are two thicknesses of the silicone bristles. Thin for gentle cleansing and thicker at the top, for use around the nose and hairline, where the skin is generally oilier and prone to breakouts.

In all honesty I really like the FOREO LUNA™ and found it to be a very effective and gentle cleansing tool. I didn’t experience any irritation or sensitivity with use. The massage side, while I can’t quantify that it has given me anti-aging benefits, certainly provides a comfortable facial massage. The cleansing side does leave skin feeling clean and glowy. An advantage to the LUNA™ over other systems is that you don’t need to buy replacement brushes, which can be costly. You can also use your regular cleanser. The unit is easy to use and holds a charge for about 3 weeks. It’s waterproof, so the LUNA™ can be used in the shower. It’s also ergonomic, fits easily in your hand and is very travel-friendly.

The FOREO LUNA™ retails at $199; you can get more information at Overall, I found the LUNA™ to be an excellent option if you’re looking for a product that deep-cleans your skin without irritating it.

Disclosure:  Press samples were provided by the brand/PR for editorial consideration, product testing, photography and review.
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