So often I hear people say “I need to unplug” or “I need to take a break from technology”. It always makes me stop and think–that’s the LAST thing I would want to do. I NEED technology because that’s exactly HOW I stay connected! Read on for more…


While it’s true that our world’s are busy these days, it’s also true that technology enables us to be closer and more connected than ever. Don’t believe me? Stop and think how many times a day you pick up your phone–to text, to talk, to share something. Or you get on an iPad or tablet or computer to connect with friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. You can even get on gaming systems and play with people around the world. We’ve come to depend on social networks of friends that we’ve made, often times not having even met in person.

When my husband wants to go to our cottage, I’ve come to the point where I’d rather not go. Why? It’s in an area so remote, there are no cell towers and no internet. For me, that experience is so isolating, it’s not enjoyable. I need to be able to stay connected with family and friends. The day doesn’t go by that I don’t shake my head and think how great it is that through the power of technology, I can be interacting with friends around the world.

How does technology relate to the world of beauty? There are apps out there now so that you can virtually try on nail polish colors or lipstick shades, sample a new hairstyle, see how you’d look with a different hair color. Heck, you can even see how you’d look with plastic surgery! In each case, using that app gives us insight into a process that we couldn’t have had before.  And certainly in my weight loss effort, I couldn’t have been successful without apps for tracking my food and exercise. That’s part of how I stayed motivated!

Sometimes it’s a good thing to take a brief step back and appreciate the experiences that make you happiest and to recognize that many of them wouldn’t be possible without technology that we’ve come to depend on. And it keeps getting better…I’m counting down the days til I can get my new iPhone 5s! And once I get that, I can connect my FitBit Flex. Yes, another gadget that will make my life better and possibly healthier.

What are your thoughts on staying connected? Do you have a favorite social network? Share in the comments!


Images courtesty of freedigitalphotos.net; affiliate link used in post.
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