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blisslabs, one of our favorite purveyors of spa treatments and products has introduced “nutricosmetics”…beauty enhancing products that work from the inside out. I’ve been using the ‘total bliss give me strength’ hair + nail boosting bites. Read on for my thoughts…

Normally I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to supplements or really, anything that you put inside your body. But having had a nail disaster recently—like every other nail on my hands either split or chipped—when I got the package of the ‘give me strength’ hair + nail boosting bites, there was no question I was going to try them.

A quick review of the ‘give me strength‘ package reassured me that there wasn’t anything in the chews that I thought would hurt me; there are vitamins A, C and D, Biotin, hydrolyzed gelatin and an herb called Ho Shou Wu that the Chinese have traditionally used to encourage strong hair and nails, along with few other ingredients. The bites come in a pomegranate blueberry flavor and taste really good!

I’ve been using the ‘total bliss give me strength’ hair + nail boosting bites for about 10 days now and although it’s a bit early to tell, overall, the splitting and peeling on my nails has stopped. That alone would make me re-buy these bites! I haven’t experienced any side effects from taking this supplement, either.

In addition to the hair + nail boosting bites, the blisslabs nutricosmetics line includes vitamin packs (I’d like to try those next), ‘zen’ at work drops, which promotes relaxation and concentration, the youth as we know it vitality blend, a two day detox and radiance-reviving ‘glow’ sticks.

total bliss give me strength hair + nail boosting bites come in a bag of 30 chews ($42) and can be purchased at bliss spas, Sephora, and Neiman Marcus. Are you interested in beauty supplements? Let me know in the comments!


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