Today’s Makeup Wars takes a look a beauty/makeup organization and storage. It seems like every beauty addict has the same problem…how do I keep everything organized and accessible? I’ve finally got a system that works for me…come check it out!

I had started out by purchasing an IKEA Helmer unit, but quickly realized that was too small and decided I would eventually use that for nail polish. One night while I was trying to figure out how to re-do the storage situation for my beauty products, I came upon a video from Encore that was my “aha” moment. Enkore devised a genius system of making dividers to fit the IKEA Alex 9-drawer storage unit. I enlisted my husband, who’s an engineer, to take Enkore’s system a step further and make custom-sized dividers to fit my compacts. I had to pull out the sizes of compacts I needed to organize and he measured, cut and assembled the dividers in the configuration I wanted. It was a pretty tedious project (for him), but I love the final results!


I have my makeup organized in the Alex like this: top drawer is eyeshadow/palettes, next is eyeshadow singles, then bronzers and blushes and then the lipsticks/glosses drawer. The rest of the Alex is not pictured — but there is a drawer that contains odd-sized items like eye pencils and liners, another drawer with miscellaneous compacts, an empty drawer not yet allocated and two drawers for “to be reviewed” storage. Overall, this system is really working for me. Now if I could just get all my nail polish organized into my Helmer, I’d be all set!

Make sure to see how other the other Makeup Wars bloggers organize their beauty products! Tell me…do you have a system for organizing your makeup?


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