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That moment when you discover you’ve reached the point where you need to start using a neck cream can be a little traumatic—at least it was for me. But I’ve discovered RéVive Fermatif Neck Renewal Cream and things are looking up! Read on for more…

I’ve always had good skin, but when I lost alot of weight, I experienced a significant loss of firmness in the skin on my face and neck. I realized I should be using a neck cream to help firm up and retexturize that area. I wasn’t sure where to start; there are a dizzying array of neck creams out there. I had gotten significant improvement in sagging skin, though, when I used RéVive Intensité Volumizing Serum (review), so I was optimistic that I would get see results with the Fermatif Neck Renewal Cream.

I decided to specifically look for a separate neck cream because the skin on your neck is different than the skin on your face. Different textures, different needs. The skin on your neck, similar to the area around your eyes, has less oil glands, therefore the moisturizer that I use on my face, which is usually light, probably would not be rich enough to use on my neck and give me the results I’m looking for. Opinions vary on whether there is a need for a separate, specialized product, but in my case, it makes sense.

I’ve been using Fermatif Neck Renewal Cream for approximately 5 weeks and I can see improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin on my neck. This cream, like all products in the RéVive line, is formulated with bio-engineered ingredients and technology. There is also an SPF15 to help prevent sun damage, which can also make the skin appear older looking. The cream has an elegant silky texture; I massage with upward strokes to décolletage and neck in the morning and before bed.

While at this stage, the results are not what I would call dramatic, they’re certainly encouraging. I’ve seen a firmer, more taut appearance on my neck and improved texture. I definitely plan to continue using Fermatif Neck Renewal Cream daily and am confident that I will continue to see improvements the longer I use it.

RéVive Fermatif Neck Renewal Cream ($150) is available in select department stores, including Neiman Marcus, which has a Beauty Event going on through September 22nd. Have you started to use a neck cream yet? I wish I had started years ago!

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