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Lancôme has introduced DreamTone, a collection of three customized skin-tone correcting serums to visibly correct dark spots, color imperfections and uneven skin tone. If you asked me my most frustrating skin issues, I’d say “all of the above!”

I’ve taken reasonably good care of my skin since I was a teenager — except for those years where I thought getting a tan with baby oil was a good idea. Years later, I’m diligent about wearing sunscreen, but I’m still paying the price for earlier mistakes. My skin is sun-damaged and has areas of dark spots that are difficult to improve. That’s why when I had the opportunity to try a complimentary press sample of DreamTone, I was ready to get on-board. I’ve had good success in the past with Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (review) and Genifique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate (review), so I knew the product would be well-researched.

DreamTone is a new generation skin tone clarifying serum that not only corrects the look of dark spots, but also goes beyond to correct the appearance of uneven skin tone and color imperfections. The serum comes in three formulas: Fair, Medium and Dark; so that multiple ethnicities and skin tones can use it. When I first pumped it out, I was struck that it didn’t look like any other serum I’ve ever tried. It has a pearlized appearance which gives light-diffusing benefits.

Lancome DreamTone Results-unretouched

I started using Lancôme DreamTone in Shade 2 (Medium) on November 16th (see photo) and am continuing to use it, because I’m seeing results. The unretouched photo above shows my improvement and I’m impressed. I feel like my sun spots have lightened considerably and that’s after 3 weeks! In the past, I would have expected to get those type of results only with using a harsh Hydroquinone and/or retinol combination, but in the three weeks of using DreamTone, I haven’t had any irritation, redness or sensitivity (note: perform a patch test first before trying a new skincare product). DreamTone is applied morning and night to clean skin; you can follow with a moisturizer, if needed.

The ingredients in DreamTone include:

  • Hydroxy-Phenoxy Propionic Acid – A hydroquinone derivative that provides a multifaceted approach to evening skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots
  • Lyphohydroxy acid (LHA) – A hydroxy acid that helps brighten the appearance of skin over time
  • Dermochlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract) – An ingredient extracted from green micro-algae
  • Eterniskin (Girfola Frondosa Fruiting Body Extract) – A derivative of Japan’s Maitake mushroom that is believed to have antioxidant properties

What’s impressive is that in clinicals, at 4 weeks, 69% of participants reported seeing an improvement in dark spots and at 8 weeks, 78% saw color imperfections reduced.

Lancôme DreamTone Skin Tone Correcting Serum comes is a 1.3 oz. bottle and retails for $98. You can find it in department stores, Sephora and get more information at Nordstrom has a four-piece DreamTone Set for $125, which is a good value. If you are challenged with skin discolorations/sunspots or uneven skin tone like I am, I can recommend giving Lancôme DreamTone a try!

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