As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved figure skating. Everything about it: the movement, the freedom, the fact that it’s you and the ice. I’ve followed our American Figure Skating teams for as long as I can remember, too. Recently I had the chance to chat with Gracie Gold, one of the brightest stars on the U.S Figure Skating team and a Midwest girl, to boot!

Gracie Gold is one very busy girl. In addition to preparing for the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships  (“Nationals”) in Boston this week, she was named a COVERGIRL spokesperson as part of the “Thank You Mom” program that P&G runs supporting our athletes during the Olympics. Gracie was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her whirlwind day to talk beauty.

Gracie Gold-CG

Beauty411: You have long days–early mornings at the rink, school, then more skating practice…what is your secret to makeup that goes day to night?

Gracie Gold: “I reapply my makeup in small amounts and do light touchups throughout the day. And I’m never afraid to completely re-do!”

Beauty411: Before competitions, do you do your own makeup or is a makeup artist made available to you?

Gracie: “Only at the big shows/events do they have a makeup artist, so many times, I do my own makeup!”

Beauty411: Now that you’re a COVERGIRL, can you tell me some of your favorite products?

Gracie Gold-COVERGIRL-faves

Gracie: “In addition to the new Bombshell Mascara, COVERGIRL LipPerfection is definitely a favorite. COVERGIRL has a great shade range of lipsticks, particularly red. There’s a red for everyone…experiment!”  [Note: the shade that Gracie is wearing in the photo above is COVERGIRL LipPerfection in Hot, #305].

Beauty411: Is there a feature of yours that you enjoy playing up more? For example, I’ve seen you rocking a major red lip!

Gracie:  “For a long time, I stayed with the same look. Now that I’m a COVERGIRL and being exposed to more makeup, I’ve definitely become more adventurous!”

Gracie will be completing tomorrow night in the Championship Ladies Short Program in Boston at Nationals. And I’ll be watching and cheering you on, Gracie! Hoping that you make the U.S. Olympic team and that we get to see you on the Olympic stage, too. A special thanks to Gracie Gold, COVERGIRL and P&G for the opportunity to talk with one of my favorite athletes; she’s really a sweetheart!


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