Although summer is finally here, you won’t find me laying out in the sun to get a tan. Been there and learned the hard way how damaging that is! Instead, I rely on self-tanners to give me a golden glow all year around. I recently had the opportunity to try Beautisol™ Self-Tanning Mousse Kit in the Medium Shade; read on for my thoughts.

I’d been anxious to try the Beautisol brand, because it was developed by Sinead Norenius, a fellow beauty blogger. And I had seen such great reviews from other bloggers, so that when I had the opportunity to get a press sample through iFabbo, I was looking forward to trying it myself. I was intrigued by the formula, which has color-correcting pigments in it.

As I always do to prep, I exfoliated well prior to application. I thoroughly read the directions, which state to shake the bottle gently and then apply a liberal amount of self-tanning mousse, using the Application Mitt. I must have taken “liberal” a little too literally; I think I applied too much, as the result was too dark. Even though the result was less than desirable the first time out, this self-tanner is easy to apply; the color of the mousse enables you to know where you’ve applied it, once applied, it dries quickly and with no odor.

Since I generally test a product such as a self-tanner at least 5 times before I write a review, I wasn’t discouraged. I knew the next time I tried, I would use about half the amount of product as I had the first time. SO MUCH BETTER! Now I knew what everyone was raving about! The color was golden and very natural looking. There is no “self-tanner smell”. And I didn’t have any streaking or transferring of product. With each additional use, I’ve come to love the Beautisol Self-Tanning Mousse more; so much so that it’s the only self-tanner I’m reaching for!

The Beautisol™ Self-Tanning Mousse Kit is available at As a special perk, Beauty411 readers can take 15% off when they use the coupon code BBLOGGER (valid through 8/15/14). Have you tried any of the Beautisol products yet? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This was a press sample provided by iFabbo for testing and review; opinions are all my own.
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