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It’s time to let in the light following winter’s deep chill. M·A·C ushers in the new year with the Lightness of Being Collection. Uninhibited shades inspired by whimsical flights of fancy. January is the perfect time to liberate yourself from darker tones and explore shades like frosted lavender, pearlized champagne and pale mint green.

The M·A·C Lightness of Being Collection includes:

MAC Lightness of Being Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Mineralize Rich Lipstick, $22

Be Fabulous – Washed-Out Pastel Pink
Luxe Natural –  Light Beige Cream
Dreaminess – Soft Cool Pink Cream
Style Surge – Neutral Coral Cream
Touch The Earth – Light Wood Brown

MAC Lightness of Being Mineralize Glass range

Mineralize Glass, $22

Poetic – Pale Champagne Pink With Pearl
Loose & Lively – Peachy Orange
On Cue –  Gold Pearl
Boundless Energy – Violet Pink
Beautiful Moves – Pale Mint With Pearl

MAC Lightness of Being Mineralize Eyeshadow range

Mineralize Eye Shadow, $22

Spiritual Life – Shimmery Pale Lemon (Half Pearl/Half Frost)
Natural Vigor – Shimmery Champagne Peach (Half Pearl/Half Frost)
Just Breathe –  Shimmery Light Blue (Half Pearl/Half Frost)
Uninhibited – Shimmery Light Grey (Half Pearl/Half Frost)
Leap –  Shimmery Lavender (Half Pearl/Half Frost)
Force Of Nature –  Shimmery Brown (Half Pearl/Half Frost)

MAC Lightness of Being Mineralize Skinfinish

Mineralize Skinfinish, $32

Lightscapade –  Shimmery Pale Peach With Lavender Marble
Perfect Topping –  Shimmery Off-White With Light Pink/Blue/Yellow Marble

MAC Lightness of Being Mineralize Blush

Mineralize Blush, $27

Uplifting –  Peach With Bright Orange Marble
Please Yourself – Light Pink With Plum Marble

MAC Lightness of Being Studio Nail Lacquer - grp

M·A·C Studio Nail Lacquer, $12

Lightness of Being – Pale Beige
Modern Movement – Pale Lavender

It’s no secret that of all the formulas that M·A·C makes, Mineralize Skinfinish is my favorite. I love the luminosity this formula imparts. So perfect then, that it’s part of a collection called Lightness of Being. The Mineralize Skinfinishes in this collection, Lightscapade and Perfect Topping, both look gorgeous. The other thing I love in this collection are the textured treatment to the top of the Eyeshadows, Blushes and Skinfinishes. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the products out yet; I’ve been sidelined with knee surgery.

I have quite a few MAC mineralize skinfinish products in my collection and one recommendation I can make is to buy the right brush. Not only will the MAC 159, 187 and 287 Duo Fiber brushes give you a better result; they will make sure you aren’t wasting or degrading product. Although expensive, I find these brushes invaluable in working with mineralize skinfinishes.

The M·A·C Lightness of Being Collection is available now in department stores including Nordstrom and online at Are you planning to pick up anything from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

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