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With Father’s Day around the corner, while there are numerous men’s colognes, shaving sets and body products that I could recommend, I’m going in a whole different direction. I’ve recently installed a Piper home monitor and think this would make a great gift for Dad…and the family!

As things in my life often do, my Piper experience started in a discussion on Twitter. And it had to do with having a system in place to remotely keep an eye on the dog. In building our new home, we thought of everything except have a security system installed. By the time we noticed our mistake, it was too late. Our only option would be to subscribe to a service, which I didn’t want to do. When I looked up Piper online, it seemed like the perfect solution. A friend that works in P.R. offered to send a unit so that I could try it out. To be honest, Piper has exceeded our expectations!

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So let’s start with the basics. Piper is not only a do it yourself home security system–it’s more than that. Piper let’s you keep an eye on your home (and whatever is in it) remotely. So if you’re running errands and want to check in on the dog, you can do that. There are various modes, such as home, away and vacation that allow you to monitor home vitals and set up customized notifications (even weather notifications) depending on your level of need. I love the live video that I can tap into right from an app on my iPhone. I can open up the app and pan Piper’s camera to visually see that Kirby (and everything else) is alright.

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You’d think that a device this sophisticated would be a nightmare to install. But seriously, it took no more than 10 minutes from opening the box to having it up and running. It’s so small and inconspicuous, you don’t even know it’s there–at only six inches high and with it’s sleek look, it blends right into the decor. I also love that once hooked up, that’s it. There aren’t any monthly contracts or fees. The only thing I plan on doing is purchasing some door and window sensors, since that will give me an extra layer of security when we are away from the home. You can also add light and appliance automation by adding a smart switch.

I half expected my husband to roll his eyes when I first got Piper and hooked it up. But you know what? He thinks Piper is awesome! He’s downloaded the app for his phone and is fully involved. We sat down and went through all of the settings, set our notifications and he’s shown a number of people how neat it is that we can check on the house and the dog from wherever we are. Now he wants to get a Piper for our cottage, so that he can keep on eye on things from home.

If you’re looking for a gift for Dad, think about getting him a Piper. Because what better gift is there than protection and peace of mind? You can get more information and purchase Piper at getpiper.com and Kohl’s.com.


Disclosure: I received a complementary Piper unit to test; all opinions are completely my own. An affiliate link has been used in the post.
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