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M·A·C has always been one of the most inclusive beauty lines on the planet and with the introduction of the M·A·Cnificent Me Collection, the focus is on celebrating individual beauty. In the spirit of M·A·Cnificent Me, the challenge is to be inspired and motivated to celebrate your own style, heart and soul!

The M·A·Cnificent Me Collection is M·A·C’s major Fall release. Some of my favorite pieces from the collection include:

MAC MACnificent Me Eyeshadow Palette X9

The M·A·Cnificent Me Eyeshadow Palette X9 ($40), a pocket-size palette of neutral goodness. There are various textures, from satin to matte and shimmer. I don’t know how M·A·C keeps putting together these gorgeous palettes, but to see this is to love it! It’s one of the small palettes, but easily worth it, in my opinion.

MAC MACnificent Me Pro Longwear Paintpots

Pro Longwear Paint Pots ($22) have always been one of my favorite M·A·C products and I’ve used them for years, both as a base and an eyeshadow. The M·A·Cnificent Me Pro Longwear Paint Pots include: Frozen Violet, Imaginary, Nice Composure, Stormy Pink and Stroke My Ego. With blue being a big color for Fall, Imaginary is the shade that caught my eye…it’s a rich navy-purple shimmer.

MAC MACnificent Me Mattene Lipsticks

I was happy to see Mattene Lipstick ($20) included in this release. Four shades are available: Own The Look, Personal Pick, Power My Spirit and Strutting Fabulous. Personal Pick is a mid-tone rose shade, very pretty. Power My Spirit and Own The Look are deeper shades that weren’t right for me, but for darker skin tones? Amazing! Trying this formula again reminded me how much I love it; a semi-matte finish that isn’t drying.

MAC MACnificent Me Lipsticks

Other M·A·Cnificent Me Lipsticks ($17) include Deep Love (Matte), Diva Antics (Amplified Creme), Fashion Revival (Matte), My Inner Femme (Amplified Creme) and Self Aware (Amplified Creme). There’s always a M·A·C Lipstick to love and in this collection for me, it’s Diva Antics.

MAC MACnificent Me Patentpolish Lip Pencils

I was also happy to see five new shades of Patentpolish Lip Pencils ($20) added to the M·A·Cnificent Me Collection. Shades include: It’s Really Me, Look Lively, Make Me Proud, My Flip Side and Pleasures All Mine. These shades are all in the neutral range, with It’s Really Me being a warm nude shade and My Flip Side being a mid-tone creamy brown. The formula is sheer, lightly tinted with a glossy finish.

MAC MACnificent Me Studio Nail Lacquers

There are two shades of Studio Nail Lacquer ($12) in M·A·Cnificent Me, Blog This (deep purple cream) and Simply Swinging (grey lilac).

MAC Blog This Studio Nail Lacquer swatch

The only way I can describe Blog This is to call it a deep, deep blackberry. It’s more purple and less red than Vintage Vamp. It’s just stunning!

MAC Macnificent Me

The M·A·Cnificent Me Collection is available now at all M·A·C locations, including Nordstrom, as well as at Although it’s hard to know when to pick up pieces from the many M·A·C releases, there is alot of goodness in the M·A·Cnificent Me Collection. Have you seen anything that is tempting you? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure:  Press samples were provided by the brand/PR for editorial consideration, product testing, photography and review. Affiliate links have been used in the post.

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