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One of the most fun things about my job is discovering new beauty brands. A new discovery from across the pond is luxury British nail brand eve snow LONDON. Now available in the US, I had a chance to preview some of the collection and was pleasantly surprised. This is definitely a nail polish line to put on your radar!

One of the distinguishing features of the eve snow brand is that the formula is made with “3-added” nourishing ingredients, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E and Argan Oil. And while I couldn’t find more specifics, it appears it is at least free from formaldehyde and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). What is notable about the eve snow nail polishes are the brilliant pigments; the colors are beautiful!

eve snow london nail collection

I tried four shades (above top, left to right): Kamikaze, Jet-Setter, Bella Vita and Gigi Roux. Well pigmented and luminous. I got very good wear with two coats of polish (although with the color saturation in Gigi Roux, you could get by with one plus a top coat!). The brush is similar to the flat, squarish brush that Dior uses. My only complaint is that as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the square cap off. This made applying polish a little clumsy.

eve snow london nail polish swatches

In addition to nail polish, eve snow also has nail treatments–something that I’m always interested in, since my nails are chronically weak and brittle; my cuticles are usually dry and frazzled. I tried the Nail Anti-Age Base Treatment ($18), Pro-Nail Strengthener and the Super Food Nail Mask ($22). The Nail Anti-Age Base Treatment is a pale pink base coat, fortified with keratin, panthenol and vitamins A and B12. I love this product! I also liked the Nail Strengthener (not yet available). The Super Food Nail Mask is a honey-, and oat-infused nail mask that you apply around cuticles and nails. It rejuvenates and rehydrates the nail bed and cuticles. I’ve really noticed an improvement in my nails and cuticles (so much less dry!) since using. The one product I will buy on my next Sephora run is the Elderflower Cuticle Oil.

Overall, I am very pleased with the eve snow LONDON line! You can find eve snow LONDON nail polishes ($16 each) at Net-A-Porter and the nail treatment products at Sephora. If you’re looking for new polishes or nail treatment products, give it a try!

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