Winter beauty

We’re only into January and already my skin is feeling the effects of winter. Cold air, dry skin, brittle hair–a game plan to get through to spring is a must. These are the beauty products I’m using to survive winter!

Cold Weather Beauty Survival Guide


My cold weather beauty essentials include:

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Deep Moisturizing Balm

Kiehl’s Ultra-Facial Deep Moisture Balm is a new moisturizer that provides serious hydration for skin. The solid balm melts on contact with skin to provide long-lasting moisture, keeping skin comfortable. The formula is enriched with Edelweiss Flower Extract, known to survive in the Swiss Alps. I’ve been using Ultra-Facial Deep Moisture Balm morning and nightly; my skin is drinking it up. Best for normal, normal-to dry, dry and very dry skin types.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm

Lips are one of the hardest areas to keep moisturized during the winter. I’ve had a terrible time lately with cracked lips, which is not good when you want to wear a matte lipstick! I’ve recently been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm and am happy to report that it’s a winner. It has Beeswax and Honey, in addition to many more hydrators, including Shea Butter and Glycerin. I also like that it lasts through the night; something that’s really important to me.


Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Have you noticed that your cleanser is leaving your skin feeling dry? Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm is a lightweight, moisturizing balm that transforms from a solid balm to a silky oil upon application. Removing makeup is a breeze, and it leaves skin feeling soft. All skin types can use Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, and I like that it doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy–just clean and comfortable!

Butter Elixir body + hair oil

Although I love a rich body cream in the winter, I’ve recently begun to use oils. A new one I’ve tried is the BUTTERelixir Body + Hair Oil. Oils absorb into the dermal layer of the skin, and also act to seal in the moisture, so a body oil is the perfect solution to dry winter skin. BUTTERelixir has a fresh scent, is light on the skin, yet keeps skin moisturized. The blend of oils includes Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, French Lavender Essential Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil. Pure and natural, keep BUTTERelixir Body + Hair Oil in your gym locker, in your desk drawer, wherever…and apply as you need it.


Red Carpet CuticleBALM

As a beauty girl, I shouldn’t say things like my cuticles are a trainwreck, but in the winter, they are. I’m in and out, half the time I forget to wear gloves and my hands and cuticles get so dry and cracked. I’ve been using Red Carpet Manicure Cuticle Balm and it’s been a lifesaver. It stays right on my desk and instantly nourishes and conditions my rough cuticles. It has a very emollient feel and absorbs quickly without being greasy. I counted at least 7 botanical oils plus Shea Butter in the ingredients.


Jan Marini Marini Luminate Hand Cream

Along with cuticles, hands need to stay moisturized. The new Jan Marini Marini Luminate Hand Cream will moisturize, as well as rejuvenate hands, fight wrinkles, age spots and volume loss. It’s an anti-aging treatment for your hands–usually one of the most neglected places on your body. If you’ve been frustrated with age spots on your hands, in addition to being diligent with sunscreen, the Marini Luminate Hand Cream is a great product to try.


Kerase Elixir Ultime trio

Dry air makes for dry, brittle hair. Kérastase, a line I’ve loved for years, is out with two new products perfect for winter hair: Elixir Ultime Volume Beautifying Oil Mist (for fine hair) and Kérastase Ultime Fondant (for fine/normal hair). I’ve been using the Elixir Ultime Volume Beautifying Oil Mist and even with four oils in it, my hair has MORE volume and is not weighed down.

Elixir Ultime Fondant is a lightened-up formula for detangling and conditioning hair, as well as leaving it with amazing shine. If you have normal hair, you would benefit from the classic Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil. All the products look so luxe; the Elixir Ultime Original Oil and Elixir Ultime Volume Beautifying Oil Mist are packaged in glass bottles. Available at and Kérastase Salons.


What beauty products are you relying on to get through the winter? Let me know in the comments!


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