Color correcting makeup

Move over highlighting, contouring and strobing! Color correcting makeup is having a moment. If you’ve ever seen the rainbow hues of color correcting makeup and wondered how to use it, then you’re not alone. Let’s break it down…

It’s rare that someone has completely flawless skin. Most makeup artists have to do a bit of color correcting to achieve complexion perfection. Whether it’s a touch of redness from acne scarring, a bit of sallowness or blue-purple under-eye circles, color correcting makeup can help.

For dark undereye circles, you can try to address the underlying issue by using an eye cream. In my case, applying a concealer may not totally correct the problem; sometimes the darkness still shows through. In that case, I turn to color correcting makeup to offset or neutralize the darkish blue circles.

Best Color Correcting Makeup

The Best Color Correcting Makeup includes: (in no particular order)

Looking at a color wheel, the color across from blue (or variants like blue-green, blue violet) are shades like orange, yellow-orange and red-orange). In real life, a color correcting concealer might be a shade of apricot, peach or coral, that when applied, offsets the blue. For red scars on the face or areas of rosacea, the color opposite on the color wheel is green. Dot and blend a green concealer or makeup over red areas and it should dissipate. Use a violet/lilac corrector or primer for brightening or to correct sallow skin. Use pink to highlight or add radiance.

Color correcting makeup comes in different textures; it’s really up to your own preference. Like with highlighting and contouring, blending is critical. The last thing you want is to have a green area showing through! For a correcting concealer or primer, apply first, then foundation over. Less is more with color correcting products.


For application, you can use fingers, a concealer brush, or new from Beautyblender®, this set of correct.four makeup sponges. This limited-edition set is shaded to match the color corrector you’re using. I love these!

A few new options that I’m anxious to test come from Urban Decay (NAKED Skin Color Correcting Fluid) and Cover FX (Customizable Click Sticks). I think these both look very user-friendly and will be extremely popular.

Have you tried color correcting? Let me know in the comments!


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