This is a sponsored post on behalf of Silk’n Flash&Go Express.
Silk'n Flash and Go Express 2016

One aspect of beauty we don’t talk about often is hair removal. With more skin showing, especially in the summer, having the smoothest, hair-free skin is important. That’s why I want to tell you about the Silk’n #NoShaveWave Revolution; a convenient, affordable solution for permanent hair removal.

From an early age, I’ve always struggled with finding the right option for hair removal. I’m not a big fan of shaving, since I have to do it daily. Who has time for that? So I was excited to be able to try out the Silk’n Flash&Go Express. The Silk’n Flash&Go Express is an innovative light-based device that can be used for permanent hair removal on the entire body– even sensitive areas like the face (from cheekbones down). It’s easy to use and features beautiful technology…count me in!

Silk'n Flash_Go Express

Since I had not ever used this type of hair removal device before, I read the instruction manual, plugged in the Silk’n Flash&Go Express and prepared for my first treatment. I was impressed at the luxurious presentation; everything you need is in the storage case…instruction manual, cords and the Flash&Go Express unit. It’s really simple and since the unit plugs into the wall, treatment time is quick and painless.

The Flash&Go Express works by emitting a pulse of energy absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft; the hair is targeted and disabled, preventing future growth. As you progress through a series of treatments, hair should be less noticeable, because it will eventually cease to grow. And no ingrown hairs or razor burn. If you want more information on how the treatment is done, check out this video.

Flash&Go Epress

What surprised me after I did the first treatment was that permanent hair removal really can be simple, fast, and stubble-free. And because you can do as many treatments as you need in the privacy of your own home, it’s affordable and convenient. With the Silk’n Flash&Go Express and it’s pulsed light technology, shaving for this gal is a thing of the past.

I’ve only done a few treatments so far, so I don’t have before/afters of my progress, but honestly, I’m loving the Silk’n Flash&Go Express. I’m thrilled that I can look forward to permanent hair removal. Even though I know it will take some time to see final results, I’m motivated to keep going.

You can find Silk’n products in Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kohl’s, Ulta and select Target locations. Check out, where you can learn more about how Silk’n is the beautiful new way to remove unwanted hair forever. Now you can be silky smooth and stubble free every day. Join the Silk’n #NoShaveWave Revolution and share your shaving stories on Silk’n’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Silk’n Flash & Go; opinions are all mine.



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