Clarins Boosters Trio

Have you ever wished that you could personalize your skincare to address only a single, or even a temporary issue? Now you can! Clarins Boosters help with occasional skincare needs caused from lifestyle (too much partying, not enough sleep) or environmental causes, like alleries or pollution. Like a turbocharge for your skin!

Whatever the cause, our skin is a good barometer for what’s going on with us. Stress, dieting, exhaustion, sun…there are a million ways our skin is affected. The answer on how to correct these issues is sometimes complicated. Clarins Boosters can help out with a shot of what you need to help fix the problem.

Clarins NEW Booster Repair

There are three Boosters: Repair, which is powered by Mimosa, helps with weakened skin. If you’ve been out in the sun, salt or chlorinated water or are getting cosmetic treatments like peels, the Repair Booster soothes and comforts and visibly minimizes redness.

Clarins NEW Booster Energy

The Energy Booster is for fatigued skin and is powered by Ginseng, which is known for it’s stimulating properties. If you’ve been dieting, experiencing stress or late nights, you might benefit from the Energy Booster. Skin loses tone and appears dull and fatigued.

Clarins NEW Booster Detox

The Detox Booster (my go-to) is for congested skin, which shows up by a loss of radiance and dull complexion. The Detox Booster is powered by Green Coffee, which is known for it’s detoxifying properties. It plumps and refreshes skin.

Clarins Boosters

The Boosters couldn’t be easier to use. Just add 3-5 drops (press the bottom of the bottle to dispense) to your moisturizer, mask, serum or foundation. Use it for a day, a week, a month – anytime your skin needs a boost. I’ve tried all three of the Boosters and at first I was skeptical, but as I used them, noticed that my skin was responding. You can’t use the Boosters as a serum; they are a complementary product; an “extra boost”.

If you like a custom approach to your skincare, something that can be used occasionally or more often, check out the Clarins Boosters! Each Booster is $39, and you can find them in department stores like Nordstrom and at Would you use a product like this?

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