Yes To New Face Masks

Whether you enjoy a pampering face mask for the in-home spa experience, or like the targeted results that they offer, face masks are a popular beauty treatment. Yes To™ is out with new masks for a variety of skin care needs.

I love using face masks and the quick glow that that you get in just 10 minutes. Plus, the experience of applying a face mask is so relaxing. It forces me to take a few minutes for myself and be still. I’ve long been a fan of Yes To™ products, so when I had the chance to try the new face masks, I was all in.

I tried the following new Yes To masks:

I was curious about the “paper” face masks, as I envisioned something rough and unforgiving, but I needn’t have worried. These sheet masks are like many, many other’s I’ve used in the past. There is an ample amount of saturation to the mask, without it being drippy. There are also “cuts” on the sides of the mask so that you can adjust it to fit your face.

Yes To Cucumber Paper Mask

I was most anxious to try the Yes To Cucumbers Calming Paper Mask, thinking this would be calming and soothing, but in actuality, it was more of an “energizing” mask. While the mask had a subtle cucumber fragrance to it, I immediately felt a tingling sensation. Not a bad thing…just not what I was expecting. I checked the ingredient deck on the label, where midway after aloe, glycerin and all the moisturizing ingredients was menthol; which is often used for a cooling sensation, but it can also be irritating. When I removed the mask, my skin looked plump, rosy and all was good–but if you have sensitive skin, I would not recommend the Cucumber Mask. Try one of the Yes To™ Mud Masks instead.

Yes To Charcoal Mud Mask

My favorite mask of all that I tried is the Yes To Tomatoes Single Use Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask. This baby brings on the glow! It hydrates and detoxifies skin, leaving it moisturized, clean and radiant. The mask has Salicylic Acid in it, but it didn’t irritate my skin at all. Tip: When using a mud or any “cream” mask, I would recommend using a mask brush for best application. Not only do you get a more precise and even application of product, you wind up using less. The Yes To™ Mud Mask packets are generously sized, and although they say single use, you could easily get two applications from the packet.

You can find the Yes To™ Masks at Target and at Ulta Beauty; they have a suggested retail of $2.99 each. They’re a budget-friendly mask, good for a quick skin-fix treatment or just a few minutes of pampering. What is your favorite skincare mask?


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