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Doesn’t it seem like the only way to grab someone’s attention these days is with a negative message? When that negativity is spread online and directed at girls and women, it has a devastating impact on our self-esteem. Dove is hoping to change that with their #SpeakBeautiful campaign; I’m 100% in support!

As a beauty blogger, I can understand how negative comments online affect one’s self-image. I don’t even like posting images of myself anymore, because it seems to invite people to criticize. For girls, it’s even more damaging to their self-esteem.


Dove’s own research* has found that 52% of girls feel that the negative posts, comments, snaps, videos or photos they see on social media damages their confidence. It’s up to us to change that. The Dove #SpeakBeautiful program has definitely made me re-think how I represent my voice online. I’m trying to spread positive messages in the comments that I leave. To be supportive of my online community.

Choose Dove to show support of building self-esteem in 20 million girls by 2020. The next time you’re at Sam’s Club, look for Dove products in these special configurations:

Let’s change the conversation online and make social media a more positive place for girls and women of all ages. When you’re online, make a special effort to change the conversation to one that is supportive and encouraging. Join Dove, Sam’s Club and the #SpeakBeautiful movement to help spread the word about building girls self-esteem.

*Dove: #SpeakBeautiful Girls Research” March 2016

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.

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