A formula inspired by acrylic paints for an intense liquid color on lips, MAKE UP FOR EVER is out with the Artist Acrylip Collection. Ten bold and buildable liquid lipstick shades inspired by the rich intensity of acrylic paint, Artist Acrylip offers intense pigmentation and shine.

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere right now, but when I see that MAKE UP FOR EVER releases a collection, I sit up and take notice. Their lip products are known for having saturated color (note…if you like a traditional lipstick and haven’t tried the Artist Rouge Lipsticks, don’t wait!), excellent wear and versatile formulas.

The new Artist Acrylip Collection builds on that, with ten shades in a satin finish that you’re going to love:

  • 200 Candy Pink
  • 201 Fuchsia Pink
  • 202 Coral Pink
  • 300 Orange
  • 301 Poppy Orange
  • 400 Iconic Red
  • 401 Raspberry Red
  • 500 Lilac
  • 501 Eggplant
  • 600 Dark Purple


Initially I was expecting kind of a pumped up, pigmented lip gloss but after trying on all of the Artist Acrylip shades, that’s not what this product is all about. This is serious lip color, delivered in an easy to use tube. The product is very comfortable, long-lasting, packs a good shine and is very pigmented. I didn’t find it sticky, which I love. The colors are true and intense, however, you can definitely adjust the intensity to suit your comfort level. My favorite shade is 501 Eggplant. It’s a rich shade that doesn’t look goth–it’s gorgeous.


Using the Aqua Lip Lipliners with Acrylips will give you the ultimate long wear lip. There are shades of the liners complementary to the Acrylip shades, so it’s easy to match up.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylip ($24 each) will be available soon at Sephora. Are you excited to try this new release?


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