Who wouldn’t love a product that could instantly perfect skin, mattify and minimize the appearance of pores? The Milk Makeup Blur Stick was my first introduction to the line, and I’ve been seriously impressed. I started using the Blur Stick, thinking I would test it and move on, but it’s stayed in my makeup routine. Score!


The Milk Makeup Blur Stick can be used under your makeup, as a primer, or over your makeup as more of a “blurring” finishing product. I’ve used it both ways with good results. When applying the Blur Stick, make sure your moisturizer has absorbed well before application. Once it has, just swipe on and and go. Because of it’s mattifying properties, it’s especially good for oily and combination skin, but dry skins can use it, too. Whatever way you use your Blur Stick, you’ve just cheated your way to the no makeup makeup look!


There are a couple things that I love about the Blur Stick. First, when you start using it, you’re absolutely hooked. When I don’t use it, it seems like I’m looking a little closer at the mirror. Second, I love that it smoothes out skin’s imperfections–even small lines. Definitely a win there! What I also love, is that the Blur Stick is silicone-free. Although ‘cones are used frequently in cosmetics because they help impart a nice ‘slip’,  for some, they can be pore-clogging, so I always appreciate when a product is formulated without.

The Milk Makeup Blur Stick ($36) is available at Sephora and If you need an instant filter for your skin, give this a try!


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