When it comes to perfecting your technique, the right makeup brush can make all the difference. No matter the look you’re trying to achieve…perfectly contoured cheeks, a dramatic winged eyeliner or a classic smoky eye…the right makeup brush is a necessary tool. Anastasia Beverly Hills has recently introduced Pro Brushes, and I’m obsessed!

There are 24 new Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brushes and they’re very high quality. Each brush is perfectly balanced, feels great in the hand and in my testing, the bristles did not shed at all. The bristles are soft, and the ferrules attached securely.

While buying brushes in a set is convenient, personally I like buying brushes individually. That way I can pick out the specific tools I need. As you’d expect in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Collection, there are brushes that can be used with highlighters (that’s the A23 above), a variety of brushes for eyes, and of course, the Swish which could be used on eyes or brows. Some of the bristles are natural (goat hair), others are synthetic. Clearly there was much thought that went into this collection.

My favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills brushes include:

  • A2:   Precise Concealer Brush (synthetic); use on face/eyes to apply cream (emollient) products, $18
  • A6:   Buff and Blend Brush (synthetic); use on face/eyes to smooth & blend powder and cream products, $21
  • A7:   Large Blending Brush (synthetic); use on face to blend cream & powder products for diffused finish, $23
  • A12: Small Contour Brush (goat hair); use on eyes/face to apply/blend powder products, $20
  • A16: Large Shadow Brush (pony hair); use on eyes for application/shading of powder products, $25
  • A18: Angle Chiseler Brush (goat hair); use on face to apply powder products to facial contours, $30
  • A19: Blush Brush (goat hair); use on face to seamlessly apply and blend powder products (blush), 26
  • A22: Pointed Cheek Brush (pony hair); use to apply powder products to small areas of the face, $30
  • A23: Large Tapered Blending Brush (goat hair); use to sweep powder products over the high points of face and body; this is a highlighting brush, $25
  • A25: Tapered Blending Brush (goat hair); use to blend/diffuse powder products on eyes and face, $23
  • A26: Crease Blending Brush (synthetic); use on eyes to soften and diffuse edges of cream and powder products, $22
  • Swish: Cream Liner Brush for lining and detail work on eyes with cream-based products, $18

As you can see, my favorites mainly consist of blenders and detail brushes. From watching pro makeup artists at New York Fashion Week, I’ve learned that it’s the detail brushes that are the key to flawless makeup application. I have a lot of makeup brushes, but the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brushes are among the nicest and best quality brushes I’ve ever used. These pro brushes are an investment, but worth it. To that point, I like to clean my brushes after each use with Sephora’s The Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner. It’s gentle and my brushes are always clean and ready to go.

Have you been eyeing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brushes? You can find them and learn more at anastasiabeverlyhills.com.


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