News flash…the newest trend in haircolor isn’t rosegold. Like a dark denim wash for your hair, Redken’s Midnight Edge turns up the volume with shades of deep blue and silver. And unlike so many of the trendy hair colors, this technique can even be used on those with dark brunette shades. Love it!

Midnight Edge is inspired by New York City after dark. It’s gorgeous, gritty, and definitely dramatic. Ask your Redken stylist to create your Midnight Edge look using Chromatics, Shades EQ (a form of demi-permanent haircolor) and new Edging Brush. Ensure your stylist preps hair with pH Bonder to help keep hair strong and color vibrant.

Is this a look that you’d go for? I love it and would definitely consider rocking some Midnight Edge magic. Using Redken’s latest technology, hair’s integrity is never compromised, so now switching up your hair color is as easy as deciding how daring you want to be!


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