Inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, Aveda has improved it’s invati range for thinning hair. The invati advanced solutions for thinning hair lineup includes a shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer that is designed to give your your thickest hair ever.

I was really interested to be able to try the invati advanced system, as I’ve noticed that my hair has progressively gone from thick to much thinner as a result of dieting and weight loss. As hard as I tried to revive it, I wasn’t having much success. But I am happy to report that I’ve seen a noticeable improvement with invati advanced  solutions. Seriously, my hair looks and feels thicker!

The invati advanced solutions for thinning hair include:

The three steps, exfoliate, thicken and activate, work together for thicker, fuller looking hair. The exfoliating shampoo gently exfoliates, cleanses and renews the scalp, removing build-up that can clog pores and detangling hair. The conditioner strengthens and protects the hair from breakage. The scalp revitalizer supports hair’s natural keratin, invigorates the scalp and instantly thickens to help lift hair at the root. I was skeptical that I would see a difference just by changing hair products, but I actually have. I plan to continue using this range because my hair hasn’t looked this good in ages!

The invati advanced system features an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, like Gingseng, certified organic tumeric and Amla to stimulate the scalp and reduce hair loss by 53% due to breakage from brushing (after using the invati advanced system for 12 weeks). Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with certified organic lavender, rosemary, geranium and other pure flower and plant essences is also in the formula.

You can find the Aveda invati advanced™ system in Aveda salons, spas and stores and online at If you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning, this system is worth a try!


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