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With spring here, I’ve been busy rotating out my makeup, changing my wardrobe and even updating my hair with a fresh cut and highlights. I change my fragrance, too. I start in the shower by changing my body wash, and now with new Caress® Botanicals Body Sprays, I can take that a step further!

I live in the Midwest, where we get a change of seasons. For spring and summer, it’s all about going lighter. I put away full-coverage foundations, and switch to a tinted moisturizer. Darker lip colors get replaced with pink lipsticks or lip glosses. Bronzers get added into the mix. Nail polish colors change over to bright coral and fuschia.

I change up my fragrance, too. Instead of wearing perfume, I’m fond of body sprays for spring and summer. I’ve recently discovered Caress Botanicals Body Sprays at my local Family Dollar. The scents are inspired by nature, and give me a “out-of-the-shower-fresh” feeling any time. Not only are Caress Botanical Body Sprays affordable, they’re paraben-free and awaken senses instantly.

The Pink Peony Botanical Body Spray has a top note of White Orchid, mid, or heart note of Pink Peony, and a base note of Tonka Beans. This is a great anytime scent, whether I’m working in my office or running errands.

The Sweet Violet Botanical Body Spray has a top note of Tangerine, mid note of Sweet Violet and base note of Musk. This is a sexy scent that would be perfect for a night out with my husband.

Caress Mediterranean Lotus Botanical Body Spray has a top note of Bergamot, mid note of Mediterranean Lotus, and base note of Amber. This scent reminds me of being at the beach.

I love creating my own scent, so I start by spritzing the Pink Peony spray and then adding in the Mediterranean Lotus body spray. It’s a great combination that is light, fresh and a bit tropical; perfect for summer.

Head to your Family Dollar to check out the new Caress Botanicals Body Sprays and find a new scent for spring and summer! While you’re there, see if they’re playing the Caress X Family Dollar Pandora playlist!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mirum; all opinions and experiences are strictly my own.

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