I’m constantly in search of ways to get glowing skin. Who doesn’t love that “glass skin” look that is all over Instagram right now? FARSÁLI Liquid Glass is a new formula that gives skin that translucent, radiant, crystal look. I’ve been using it….and here are my thoughts.

Liquid Glass is a makeup-skincare hybrid, meaning you can use it on bare skin as a serum, or you can use it before or after makeup application. You can also mix it into your skincare, or even foundation. In the bottle it has a silvery appearance, but once you put it on skin, Liquid Glass has an iridescent (slightly pearlized) finish to it. The formula has all sorts of good things in it; watermelon rind extract, apple fruit extract, lentil fruit extract and Hyaluronic Acid, to leave skin plump, hydrated and glowing. Once applied, Liquid Glass leaves a slightly tacky feeling on your skin, and then…bring on the dewy finish!

This is the first FARSÁLI product I’ve tried and I’m definitely hooked. I can see a difference when I use Liquid Glass and when I don’t; I really like the finish it gives to skin. Liquid Glass is a limited edition, and available exclusively at FARSÁLI.com. Glass skin for the win!


Disclosure: A press sample has been provided by the brand/PR for editorial consideration, product testing and review.


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