With all of the mascara formulas available now, it can be hard to find a real game changer. Maybelline’s new Snapscara Mascara definitely qualifies. This is the mascara you need for a natural, pretty, not overdone look. Plus, it comes off in a snap!

Wading through my makeup drawer, I could easily pull out 15 tubes of mascara, in all price ranges. Yet, almost predictably, I reach for same ones daily. There’s nothing wrong with that. Different looks (dramatic, glam, natural) call for different mascara. However, Snapscara has found it’s way into my daily rotation almost exclusively since the first day I tried it.

Snapscara is different than every other mascara I own, because it’s formulated with pure gel pigments and zero waxes. That means it’s easy to apply and gentle to remove. In all the times I’ve used it, I haven’t found it to clump either. I usually wear two coats of Snapscara for a volumized, natural look. It comes off in a “snap”, so for people with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers or even lash extensions–Snapscara is a dream. There are four shades: Pitch Black, Black Cherry, Ultra Violet and Deja Blue. And I love the packaging; you can clearly see the color through the tube, plus there are little eyelashes on the side…adorable!

Because Snapscara removes so easily, it might not be the best choice for someone who works out/sweats heavily at the gym, or if you’re constantly exposed to rain/weather. In those situations, a waterproof mascara is the better option.

Maybelline Snapscara is available now (prices vary by retailer); check your local drug/discount store, Target, Amazon or ULTA, and at maybelline.com. Would you be interested in a mascara like this?


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