Fresh Beauty is enabling us to wake up to the skin of our dreams with new Lotus Dream Face Cream! This dreamy, whipped moisturizer works at night to help hydrate, smooth and recover from the day’s daily stressors.

When we head to bed at night, it’s not only our bodies that need to rest and recharge; our skin does, too. It’s at nighttime that our skin does it’s best repairing. Fresh’s Lotus Dream Face Cream is a wonderfully light cream, that works while we sleep. It has Super Lotus Extract, which hydrates, offers antioxidant protection, and enhances radiance. There’s Peach Leaf Extract, too, to give skin a refreshed look and adds a delicate peach scent, which I love.

I’ve been using Lotus Dream Face Cream for several weeks now, and I’m really impressed. My skin is chronically dehyrated and dull — no matter how much water I try to drink, so I’m always on the lookout for a night cream that helps hydrate, nourish and repair. I’ve found it! I love waking up to dreamy, glowy skin. It’s also important to me that a night cream moisturize without being oily or greasy, and this one isn’t. It’s lightweight, so I can use it year around. Overall, Lotus Dream Face Cream is an excellent moisturizer.

You can find Fresh’s Lotus Dream Face Cream at Sephora, Nordstrom and online at This is my new secret weapon to getting my best beauty sleep!


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