It always hurts when you break a beauty product, doesn’t it? It’s happened to me a number of times in the past, and even though I’d read about fixing broken makeup (powders, eyeshadows, etc), I never thought I could pull it off. Pixi Beauty recently sent me a PR package and one of the palettes arrived broken. The moment of truth had arrived.

I looked long and hard at my Pixi Eye Reflections Natural Beauty Palette, and to be honest, it was just too beautiful to throw away. The palette is a gorgeous blend of cool-toned neutrals in matte and shimmer finishes. I knew I’d get a lot of wear out of it, so just removing the damaged tablet wasn’t an option. I decided to take a chance and try to fix it. There are tons of tutorials out there; these are the steps that I took to fix my broken eyeshadow.

Step 1: Use an exacto knife to break the remaining pieces of eyeshadow into a fine (about the size of sand) powder.

Step 2: “Mask” off the surrounding eyeshadow tablets so they don’t get damaged in the next step. I used cut up strips of paper towel.

Step 3: Take a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol, and spray approximately 5-6 times over the surface of the eyeshadow.

Step 4: Wrap a tissue around a coin (or other object close in size to the broken tablet) and tamp down on the tablet to compress and reform the eyeshadow.

Step 5: Let the eyeshadow dry completely before use. Take a brush and wipe away any excess.

Voila! My Pixi Beauty Natural Beauty Eyeshadow Palette is almost back to new. It’s definitely useable now, and I couldn’t be happier. Have you ever fixed broken makeup?


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