Top 10 Best Mascaras of 2023: From Flutter to Fierce


Mascara is a staple in every makeup enthusiast’s kit, and with each year, brands innovate to bring us formulas that promise to elevate our lashes to new heights. The mascara game is stronger than ever, with options that cater to every lash need and preference. From volumizing to lengthening, waterproof to nourishing, the choices are … Read more

Does Nail Polish Expire and When – Ensuring the Longevity of Your Manicure

Nail Polish

Nail polish is essential as part of the beauty routine, adding a pop of color and shine to our nails. But have you ever paused to consider the shelf life of your favorite bottle?  I prefer having a bigger collection so that I can always play around and combine different colors. For instance, you can … Read more

Spring-Summer 2015 Nail Polish Trends: Revamp Your Manicure

Spring-Summer 2015 Nail Polish Trends

The Spring-Summer 2015 season in the world of nail fashion is a period of vibrant transformation and innovation. This era is not just about introducing new colors but also about redefining textures and emphasizing nail health. From the satin finishes of Zoya to the tropical vibes of Guerlain, each collection brings something unique to the … Read more